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Press Release
For several decades now art thieves have managed to get away, normally Scot free, with thousands of valuable and priceless items from both private and public collections.
Items that are often smuggled out of the country to unsuspecting buyers overseas who have been unable to check the authenticity of the item.
However all is about to change, hopes to put an end to this trade both overseas and here in the United Kingdom.
The site which can be accessed by anyone with access to the World Wide Web and is constantly updated by police forces throughout the United Kingdom and overseas who can rapidly download the picture and description of the missing piece and within seconds the full description is available world wide for any dealer/auction house or customs officer to see.
Millions of pounds are lost yearly in the United Kingdom alone due to theft and this is just the first stab in the fight back.
Now for the first time police and customs can have immediate access to the latest up to date sources of information at the touch of a button.
The site also records details of recovered items that may have been stolen previously.
It is hard to believe that this is the first time that an accessible site can be available world wide to anyone who needs it.
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