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The BBC recommend FindStolenArt
5/1/2002 12:19:49 AM
The BBC has featured in its Internet Homes Webguide. This is just one example of ever increasing recognition FindStolenArt has been recieving in recent months. The database is going from strength to strength with a steadily growing user base and improving success rates in the return of stolen antiques.
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Antiques Magazine
Coming home to find we’ve been burgled is one of our biggest nightmares.
Almost as worrying for the antiques dealer is being caught out by inadvertently handling stolen goods. This is, as always, a pretty hot topic in the trade at the moment, and any initiative that might help has to be welcomed.
At, you will find a new web site that lists details and pictures of stolen items. It also features information on recovered items.
The site, which is simple to use and easy to navigate, can be accessed by anyone with access to the world wide web and is monitored and updated by police forces.
With so much emphasis being placed on due diligence these days, nobody in the trade can afford to ignore the risks of inadvertently handling stolen property. It won’t take long to check items against this site, and it could prevent a lot of trouble.
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