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Neil Handley MA
Curator, British Optical Association Museum
2/16/2001 4:53:34 PM

Thank you for your continuing interest.

FindStolenArt was the only service that allowed us to publicise details of our lost items within hours of the event. Now we are aware of the site we could, concievably, report any future losses within minutes.

The benefit of a site like yours is of the essence, especially when there is a possibility of items leaving the country.
• •

Joe Furneaux-Gotch, DC 1432
Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
I would like to thank you and your colleagues at Find Stolen Art allowing access and use of your web site so freely. As the Antiques Liaison Officer for the Force and the Due Diligence Officer I have spent the last two years obtaining photographs from victims, via the officers dealing with the case. I have scanned these images and sent them on disk, in e-mails and in hard copy to various companies who may or may not use them. Often the reproduction was poor and I couldnít even identify the item that I had scanned. On other occasions I heard and saw nothing of the images and didnít even get my disks returned.
I now have access to a web site that I can manage my area of. Images can be uploaded as soon as I have received them. I can edit and update the files and immediately see the results. This means that I can now tell the officers dealing on the ground that the image is on the World Wide Web, the victims can be told of this and know we have done something positive they can see. I will also be utilising this medium when bringing to the attention of other Antiques Liaison and Due Diligence officers particular items of antiques.

Once again many thanks and keep up the good work.

Truly wishing you every success with the site.
• •

Elena Edwards
Camden Passage Antiques Dealers Association

Thank you for sending your details of your new site to our Association.
Just viewed your site, very nice, clear, clean, straight to the point and very accessible!
What a very good idea this site is !
All decent dealers are very concerned at present about stolen art and antiques.
Anything dealers can do to try to stop the illegal trade in art and antiques must be a priority at present.

• •

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