This page will contain the lastest news and information about page allows you to search our catalogue of Stolen items.This page allows you to search our catalogue of Recovered items.This page allows users to log in to their account and update their details.This page allows 'logged in' users to log out.This page provides a Form which allows visitors to apply for an account.This page provides a Form which allows visitors to send in general comments or request information.This page lists services offered by page contains information about how to use the site.


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Using the SiteThe recommended Software requirements for using the site.
Site StructureThe current organization of the Site.
Finding InformationBrowsing or Searching the Site for information.
Stolen and Recovered SectionsFinding your way around the Stolen and Recovered sections of the site.
Object IDThe International standard for describing cultural objects.
Registering an interest in items in the FindStolenArt DatabaseWhat to do if you have any information regarding any of the Art or Antiques in the FindStolenArt database.
Reporting a Theft or a RecoveryHow to have your Art or Antiques publicized in the FindStolenArt database.
Registering for an AccountHow to set up your own Account at FindStolenArt.
Account TypesDescription of the different Types of Account available for Users.
Account SectionFinding your way around the Account section.
Updating Your ProfileHow to change the details of your Account Profile.
Updating Your InventoryHow to Add and remove items from your Account.

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To Add or Update an Item in your Account, follow these steps:

  • Log On to your Account. (Click the Account Link on the Main Tool Bar, Enter your User Name and Password in the Logon Page and click the Login Button.)
  • Click the Items link in the Account Management Tool Bar. After this step, you will be presented with the Items Section.
  • If you wish to add a new item, click the Add New Item link. If you wish to update an existing item, find the required item by Searching or Browsing your inventory and then click the Edit link in the appropriate Item table. After completing either of these steps you will be presented with the Item Form.
  • Make the required changes to the various fields on the Items Form and click the Save button at the bottom of the Form. If you wish to upload a picture:
    • Click the Browse Button on the Item Form. This will open the Choose File Window.

      Screen Shot of Choose File Window

      Please Note, only accepts pictures in JPG format with a maximum file size of 500kb.
    • Select the file you wish to Upload in the Choose File Window and click the Open button.
    • Click the Upload button on the Item Form. (Depending on the size of the file, the upload may require anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes to complete.)
Please note, when you click the Save button the changes you have made are validated before being Saved. If there is a problem with any of the changes, the Profile Form is redisplayed with an appropriate Error Message at the top of the Page. If this happens, simply correct the problem and click the Save button again.

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Upgrade Your AccountHow to apply for an Account upgrade.
Problems Signing In?If you cannot log in to your Account, read this topic.
Forgotten Your PasswordPassword Request Form.